Islamic Law (Fiqh) - 04

Islamic Law (Fiqh) - 04

This online course examines Islamic Law (Fiqh) the Book of Transactions (such as buying, selling and renting).

Number of lessons
Number of lessons
phase 4
Lesson time
Lesson time
20:02 Hours

Examples of course topics

  • Can a Transaction be Contingent
  • Liability when a Transaction is Invalid
  • Children in Islamic Law
  • The Mentally Ill and Children
  • Transactions of Children
  • Being Forced or Compelled
  • Fear of being Compelled
  • Transaction of a Wakil (Agent)
  • The Fudhuli (Unauthorized) Transaction
  • The Default of the Fudhuli Transaction
  • Course description

  • About Teacher

  • Q&A

This course is a continuation of Islamic Law 03 that was offered in the year 2019-2020. The course continues the Book of Transactions and examines the legal details of buying, selling and renting. This online course is instructed by Sayed Mohammad Baqer al-Qazwini.

Sayed Mohammad Baqer studied ten years at the Seminary of Qom, and he completed a BA in Sociology from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. He is currently based at the Islamic Institute of America, based in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

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