Philosophy of Ethics (Akhlaaq) - 01

Philosophy of Ethics (Akhlaaq) - 01

This course will examine ethics and morals (Akhlaaq).

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Examples of course topics

  • Introduction
  • Dispositions
  • Motives for Being Virtuous 1
  • Motives for Being Virtuous 2
  • Motives for Being Virtuous 3
  • The Powers of the Soul Definition of Virtue
  • Consequentialism vs Deontology
  • Virtue Ethics
  • Stages of Self-Purification Diagnosis
  • Stages of Self-Purification Treatment
  • Course description

  • About Teacher

  • Q&A

This course is an introduction to Islamic Ethics, the field of philosophy concerned with the question of what we should do and how we should live. Students will have the opportunity to understand certain fundamental issues about life, the human soul and morality. We will go over questions such as what makes an action "right," or what makes us happy, and what kinds of qualities should a person have or avoid having. This online course is instructed by Sayed Ahmad al-Qazwini. 

Sayed Ahmad has been studying in the Seminary of Qom for over ten years. He is a speaker and lecturer, and he also teaches a number of courses at the seminary in Qom.

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